Friday, 23 November 2007

d endless road....

eva had a feelin of stagnancy...of loss..of tryin ur best 2 get tht 1 thing u most wanted..n luck failin u each time? of pushin hard every time..yet stayin aput rt whr u r? thy r dese moments tht make u wanna giv up...d true test of nerves tht seperates frm d real mann frm d crowd...

testin times r a part n parcel of every1's life...sum 2 grave 2 handle..a time whn nothin goes ur way..whn all hell breaks loose on u...n u feel lik ur on a highway 2 hell...u lose ur morale..ur patience..ur beliefs n more so ur trust..d very trust tht binds u 2gethr n keeps u up thru times of trials..u lose d hope of any gud cumin ur way sooner or later n lose urself in utter wasnt as hopeles as it seemed..but 2 u it strts seemin lik a dead end..a maze wid no way out..

but its wudnt entirely b ur fault...its d way it is...its a way of nature 2 test its children..a harsh way 2 make its beings stonger..its d way parents push u n beat u up 2 whn ur little so u can grow up 2 face d harsh world wid d rt attitude..its a way 2 prepare u 4 d way d rest of d road is made clearer..u set d 1st step..He takes care of d rest..a pinch of hope is all u need 2 get u thru..

so lose not tht hope..savour every bit of it..4 who knws..whn u mite need a drop of it?

Friday, 14 September 2007

The Wall Crumbles

This is perhaps the second biggest shock to indian cricket this yr aftr the gr8 WC debacle..Rahul Dravid has although nt officially step down as Indian captain but dats fr sure tht he is steeping down...His decision cums jus days b4 the mighty australians tour india fr a seven match one-day series and also the all impt series with Pakistan at home and biggest daddy of all , the test series and one-day series in Aus...the reason fr his resignation as told by him is tht he wanted to concentrate more on his game...but the biggest question tht cums in front of the gr8 BCCI is "who next?" ..
Given tht sachin n saurav r too old fr d job...and reinstating ganguly as d captain wudn`t b a wise decision for future indian cricket....that leaves wid only two options...Yuvraj and Dhoni....between the two Dhoni will b d obvious choice bcoz Yui has still nt cemented his aplce in the test side...but the question is tht will Dhoni b able to do it,,,well v hafta wait n see....